Sjöjungfru Dress Knitting Pattern

This dress was designed for the Happiness Make-a-Long 2018 with the theme of Women and Water in mind.

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The dress is knitted seamlessly from the top down.

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Starting with the straps made from 3 i-cords that are braided. The braids are continuous and run through the whole dress ending at the hem.

An i-cord bind off is used on the hem and arm holes to prevent curling, and the hem cables are attached to the i-cord bind off by knitting.

Lilac, the color of the evil witch mermaid Ursula in The Little Mermaid children’s book and the cables that looks like tentacles, but I just couldn’t name this pattern that, on the count of she being evil, conniving b*tch, without any feeling of comradery.

I chose this yarn, Pipa Yarns Merino Single in color Mermaid Hair by Pipa Yarns because I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I saw it! I immediately had a vision appear to me. It was of my grandma, in her youth dancing in this dress in the rain, in a field of meadow buttercups and bluebells, the flowers of my childhood.

See the pattern on Ravelry 

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