Round 3 of ADDC is here and so is summer! The theme for this round is: Summer See-through! Forget about heavy woolen coats and give me something a cooling breeze of wind can penetrate!

Theme: Summer See-Through

Simple as that! Design something, anything that you can see through!

Knit or crochet, big or small.


Start and sign up: Sunday, May 5th

Design submission deadline: Friday, May 31th, 

Reveal, voting starts: Saturday, June 1st

Voting ends: Wednesday, June 26th

End and winners: Friday, June 28th

Start and Sign Up

This is the day the theme is revealed and the sign ups start. You can sign up until the design submission deadline! 

You’ll find the sign up form here. The form is used to gather your contact information, to contact you during the challenge and necessary social media handles to promote your work.

Design Submission Deadline

This is the day you need to get your design photographed and send it to me.

I’ll e-mail you the info closer to the deadline, basically you need a photograph of your design and a couple of words about your inspiration.  

Reveal and Voting

This is the date your designs are revealed on my blog and the voting starts! I start to promote your designs on IG and lure people to vote! You can do the same on your social media platforms of choice!

Winner and prizes

The votes will be counted and winner will be revealed and celebrated. The design that gets most votes is the winner and will get a yarny prize!

Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Yarn


Design something, knit or crochet that fits the theme.

Submit your design in time.

Write down the pattern and release it. 

Optional, but recommended: Have your design test knitted and tech edited.



The Shadow Group

Once again we’re having a shadow challenge for those who just want to play along without any strings attached. 

Submit your entries in the assigned thread on Ravelry.


#ADDesignerChallenge and #ADDCSeeThrough

Use these hashtags when you boast about your creative juices! I want to see what you’re doing 🙂


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