The Artesanitariuim Designs Designer Challenge is a quarterly run challenge for knit and crochet designers. 

It’s about

  • creativity, designs, fellowship and community!
  • designers supporting and promoting each other. 
  • getting seen.
  • FUN!!!

Check out #ADDesignerChallenge on Instagram and Twitter  and the blog to see some of the designs we’ve had over the years.


I started the challenge after participating in a challenge on Ravelry. I thought it was fun and great way to get exposure as a designer. It also helped with my designers block and challenged me to think outside my comfort zone! It was such a great experience that when the challenge was over I decided I wanted to have one of my own, even if I don’t get anything for my self, other than the fun of running it and cheering other designers! 

Who is it for?

The design is for anyone who want’s to design. No matter if your a newbie or done it for tens of years! 

I try to have a more casual “shadow group” for designers who’s intention is not to publish, just tag a long and have fun. 

Want to participate?

Check out the blog and Ravelry group for info on when the next round starts. In the blog you can also find all the past rounds.

Want to donate a prize?

I’m always looking for yarny prizes for the winner. I don’t want anything super fancy or overwhelming, I want it to be more about the designs than the prizes. Ofcourse the prize will get exposure on my IG, Twitter, Ravelry Group and blog, especially at the beginning when the new round is announced and when the voting starts in the blog! 

If you have a prize to donate, please contact me through the contact form below.

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