Have you ever thought of designing your own knitting or crochet patterns, but somehow you haven’t got around to start? Do you have ideas but don’t know hoe to execute? Now is your change to design along with other just like you! 


Things that come in pairs!

Anything that comes in pairs! 

Pairs could be a pair of 

  1. Socks or mittens
  2. Pants or shorts
  3. Sleeves
  4. Cowls or hats that go together
  5. Anything you can think of!

Basically you can design anything as long as you can explain how it comes in pairs 😉

If you can explain, it counts!

Time frame

You have to the end of July to sign up, by then you only have to have an idea, yarn, sketch or will!

The design deadline is September 13th, by then you need to:

  1. Have the design finished
  2. Send me a good photo of  the design with a small description of the design
  3. Pattern page made on Ravelry

I make a blog post of all the designs on September 18th and people can start voting for their favorite designs!

Launch of the pattern may be at any time between the signup and design deadline.

I will do my best to  build up the hype and promote each of the designs! 

Anyone can participate! REALLY!

We have two different designer groups this time too!

You can be total newbie to designing or a already established designer, the important thing is that you have enthusiasm and are ready to have a ton of FUN! All you really need is an idea! Other things you can learn, and there are some really amazing people ready to help you and I can point you to them.

Anyone can participate! No restrictions! Just pick your group!

Group 1: Hard Core!

All I ask is that you are committed to finish, run a test knit and/or have your pattern tech edited and share as much as you can and are comfortable with, of your process and progress, and knowledge of this challenges on your social media platforms, using the hashtags given later.

Group 2: Shadow group

For those who just want to play along, no strings attached. All exposure is appreciated!

Where are we doing this?

Chat and sign ups for both groups in the same thread in the Artesanitarium group on Ravelry!

How do I sign up?

Group 1 Two things:

1. Signup form, you don’t have to sign up until you have your design figured out, but Friday July 31st latest!

2. Post a picture of your idea, yarn, needles/hooks, anything in this Ravelry Thread.

Group 2:

This thread in my Ravelry group!

Everybody are encouraged to post a picture of their yarns and describe their idea with a few words  in the Ravelry thread, on Twitter or Instagram. If you post on IG or Twitter, use hashtag #ADDCComeInPairs and #ADDesignerChallenge and link back to me @artesanitarium so we can get maximal exposure to the event!


Group 1: Here on my website in it’s own post when the time comes.

Group 2: Voting thread on Ravelry. 

You may use what ever platform to release your pattern on, but I highly recommend using at least Ravelry, there are many way to promote your design for free there. More about that in an upcoming blog post.

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