The first annual Around the World Stitch Along is coming in August! Empty your needles, you want them to be ready for this! We have tens of Indie Designers bringing their best for you! Join the fun, knit and crochet and win prizes!

Who is it for?

Stitchers from all around the world, all color, race, gender, shape and size, education, walks of life unite!

What’s going on?

Let us get to know each other, each others culture, food, celebrations everything while grouping together and knit or crochet or just chat or look at pretty pictures!

When is it going down?

The fun starts August 12th and the finish line will be crossed on September 18th! 

Where is it happening?

Ravelry! Here, in this group!

There will be an Instagram Challenge too! Look for #sal2020challenge and follow my instagram!

Someone said something about prizes?

Yes there will be! We have some amazing sponsors that are yet to be revealed!

Hope to see you there!

There is a pre SAL chat going on in the group, feel free to join! 

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