How to Upcycle Your Own Yarn

You found this wonderful second hand hank of yarn at a yard sale, ripped out an old second hand sweater for yarn or just frogged a beanie you knitted and never wore? Any and all of these? Never the less, you need to get that curly noodle yarn to behave and be pretty! Here’s the […]

How TO Get Seen for Knit Designers

You can have the most gorgeous designs and pattern that knit them selves when you throw yarn at it, but you can’t make a sale if no-one knows you exist. In this post I’ve gathered some things that will help you get seen, even if you’re just a beginner! Pinterest Pinterest is not a social […]

Stitch Guide: Inc to 3 and inc to 5

Have you ever wondered how some knitters manage to knit perfect increases without leaving gigantic holes in the fabric? I have broken the code for perfect celtic cables and I’m sharing my knowledge with you here! Let’s begin Before we dive into the technique of this stitch, let’s ponder on where it is and can […]