Cheshire Kitty Cowl is a fluffy, soft and lovable winter accessory every fantasy loving person needs for the winter! It knits up quickly and looks amazing!
It all started out with two leftover balls of merino yarn and a pair of needles.


MC: 50 [75, 100] g of Aran weight, 166m (181 yards) / 100g, sample uses Vocabulary Yarn Delicate, 100% Merino, in color Pink.

CC: 50 [75, 100] g of bulky weight, 107m (117 yards) / 100g, sample uses Sweet Paprika Designs Presto, 80% Merino, 20% Nylon, in color August


80 cm long circular needle size 5 mm (US 8) or to obtain gauge.

Gauge: 14.5 sts and 19 rnds = 10 cm (4”) stockinette in the round.


Child [Medium, Large]

Final measurements

Child: 40 cm (15.75 inches) in circumference, 21 cm (8.25 inches) in height.

Adult Medium: 50 cm (19.75 inches) in circumference, 24 cm (9.5 inches) in height.

Adult Large: 60 cm (23.75 inches) in circumference, 26 cm (10.25 inches) in height.

Pattern Starts!

Upper brim

Using CC, CO 60 [75, 90] sts, join to knit in rounds, careful not to twist.

Rnd 1 (MC): K to end.

Rnds 2-8: [k2, p2] rep to end.

Rnds 9-10: K to end.

Rnd 11 (CC): K to end.

Rnds 12-13 (MC): K to end.


Start working the chart

Rnd 1: K10 [18, 25] PM, work chart, k to end.

Rnds 2- 27: K to M, SM, work chart, k to end.

Rnd 28 (MC): K to M, remove M, k to end.

Rnd 29: K to end.

Rnds 30-32 (sizes M and L only): K to end.

Rnds 33- 35 (size L only): K to end.


Bottom brim

Rnd 1: [K 5, RLI] rep rto the end.

Rnd 2: K to end

Rnd 3: K 2 [LLI, k 6] ep to the end.

Rnd 4: K to end.

Rnd 5 (CC): K to end.

Rnd 6 (MC): K to end.

Rnd 7 (CC): K to end.

Rnd 8 (MC): K to end.

Sizes M and L only

Rnd 9 (CC): K to end.

Rnd 10 (MC): K to end.

Rnd 11 (CC): K to end.

Size L only:

Rnd 12 (MC): K to end.

Rnd 13 (CC): K to end.

Rnd 14 (MC): K to end.

Rnd 15 (CC): K to end.

I-cord bind off

Using CC, CO 3 sts.

[K 2, k2tog tbl, sl 3 back to left-hand needle] rep to end.

K2[3, 3]tog. Cut yarn and pull through the last st.


Sew in loose ends, wet block.

Thank you for knitting with me, hope you enjoyed yourself!

Please do share your progress and finished work with #cheshirekittycowl

This pattern is free for all to use. This pattern has not been tested or tech edited.

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