Knitting needle storage tutorial!

I don’t know about you, but my needles were in such a tangle in their drawer (and hanging outside) that I was too embarrassed to take a picture, even for this blog post!

What’s the Problem?

Well.. eh… When you knit as much as I do,

needles are EVERYWHERE!

They shouldn’t be, sometimes I try to arrange them, but soon they will go wild again and are everywhere! 

I get STABBED by them

or I crunch the cables between the drawer and the desk and the cables get all wonky and nicked and eventually they don’t work anymore. Even more annoying is when you step on a needle and it crack and is un-useable immediately!

Also, I usually

can’t find the right size

needle or length cable. 

It’s frustrating and these are real problems! 

What’s the Solution?

Well, that’s simple. It wasn’t at first. I tried to google as much as possible, but couldn’t find a working solution. Ofcourse, Pinterest is full of artsy fartsy solutions and cute needle cases but they were too complicated for me in terms of usability. 

I found the foldable pocket solution, I liked it and even sew one for me to test. It kinda worked, but really not. The needles got out and spread everywhere again, I got stabbed and it was just irritating since it was A LOT OF WORK and no use.

Ugh. Back to the drawing board.

Think, what do I really want?

I want to see my needles at one glance, NOT guess in which roll they might be.

I want EASY ACCES, it should be one flick of a wrist, in and out. 

It should be STYLISH. I’m not a romantic by style, I don’t like lace and ribbons. I don’t care how beautiful the fabric is, if it’s not PRACTICAL it is useless. (No judgement here, we’re all different!)

It’s all so Clear!

So I knew I needed something see through that had pockets and was easy to slide open and close, reminded me so much of an photo album! 

I knew the pockets on them couldn’t hold the needles from un-raveling and the flimsy plastic would tear so I had to find something more HEAVY DUTY. So I searched heavy duty plastic folders and found these on ebay!

I wasn’t looking for a see-through binder, but when I found one I thought it would be EVEN BETTER!



The Binder

The binder is a size A5 and it has 6 clips to really hold your things together. The clips are very VERY strong, yes I did leave a piece of my flesh in between, and it hurt!!

The Pockets

The pockets have zips at the long edge and it feels super durable! The plastic is thick, they hold the needles perfectly and are still see through.

Perfectly Splendid!

I’ve been perfectly happy with my needle binder so far.


The interchangeable needle tip pocket came with the needles I ordered and it still needs to be glued into the binder.

It’s also great that I can order more pockets should I need more. 

Maybe one pocket for straight needles too!



Hope this helped you!


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