Yarn gadgets, you know you want them... I mean NEED them! Here's some of my favorites need to own knitting suff to own!

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Yarn winders

A working yarn winder is a must have for every knitter! I had this plastic one for years, until one day I was winding too fast and the whole thing just fell apart!

Yarn winders are so handy, the winded balls are perfect and can be started from which ever end or even from both end at the time for maximal usage of yarn.

Pro tip: Knit a pair toe-up sock from both end of a ball and you spare yourself from all the odds and ends!

Need to get a new one now, maybe a fancy wooden one? 

Yarn Swift

A yarns swift to me is the most common knitting gadget. I remember my grandma using these. She also had one that was the size of the room to swift yarn for her loom! We used to play in it, for us it was a carousel! 

For those who don’t know what a swift does, it does the opposite of a winder, it makes beautiful hanks!

Pro Tip: Put your hank on a swift when winding! Faster, much less entanglement and it looks COOL!

What do you think of these? I really like the black one!  

Yarn Bowls

Oh how my mom would have been happy to have one of these back in the day! We had a cat who especially loved yarn balls and was always fighting and attacking my moms yarn. I bet a yarn bowl like this had solved it all!

They are all gorgeous! Which one do you think is the most expensive? I bet you’ll be surprised if you knew!

Yarn Bags

Moving on to gadget number 3, traveling with knitting!

This one is also a yarn bowl! How cool is that?! And it’s dirty cheap!!

Pro Tip: Always have an emergency knitting bag packed with your favorite yarn, scissors and favorite sized needles!

Needle Gauge Tools

Yeah, you think you can hold track of all your needles and what size they are. I know I did! Now days I’m a proud owner of a Prym needle gauge tool of my own, and life is so much easier!

Pro tip: Get one with a stitch gauge measurement tool as well and you'll double the benefit!

Blocking tools

Blocking is one of those things you don’t think you need until you try it and can’t live without it after that!

I used to block anything on my yoga mat, until it broke and I moved on to my BFs yoga mat that was bigger and thicker, but I broke that one too.

Just after that I purchased my very first blocking mat! Oh my how much easier life got, and with these jigsaw puzzle pieces you can adjust the mat to any size and shape!

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