Liam is my first nephew and he was born around the time this pattern was first released 9 years ago. This hat is much easier to knit than it looks like. There are multiple sizes and variations.
You can repeat the body pattern infinitely to make anything from a beanie to a sock head to an elf hat if that is your desire!
There is also a set of mittens to go with the hat.


1 skein of Aran weight, 130 m (142 yards)/100 g
Sample uses Novita Isoveli, 75% wool, 25% nylon, color green.


1 set of 5 double-point needles or circular needle for magic loop in size: 4 mm (US 6) or to obtain gauge.


18 sts over 26 rows = 10 cm (4″) in stockinette stitch


Baby [Child] Adult

Finished measurements

44 [55, 67] cm (17 [21.75, 26.25] inches) in circumference


CO = Cast on

K = Knit

K2tog = Knit 2 sts together

P1 = Purl
P3tog = Purl 3 sts together

Psso = Pass slipped stitch over

Rep = Repeat

Rnd(S) = Round(s)

Sl = Slip

St(s) = Stitch(es)

Tbl = through the back loop
4/4 LC ribbed = Slip 4 sts on a cable holder in front of the work, p1, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl, [p1, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl] from cable holder.

Pattern Starts!


Using single cast on method, CO 80 [100, 120] sts, join to knit in round, careful not to twist.

[P1, k1 tbl] rep to the end of the rnd.

Rep this rnd 8 [10, 12] times.


Set up rnd 1: [P1, k tbl] 10 times. Rep 4 [5, 6] times.

Rnd 2: [(4/4 LC ribbed, p1, k1 tbl) 2 times] rep 4 [5, 6] times.

Rnds 3 – 11: [(P1, k1 tbl) 10 times] rep 4 [5, 6] times.

Rep these 10 rnds 2 [3, 4] times total.


Rnd 1: (P1, k1 tbl) 4 times, p1, sl1, k2tog, psso, (p1, k1 tbl) 4 times.

Rnd 2: (P1, k1 tbl) 4 times, p3tog, (k1 kbl, p1) 3 times, k1 tbl.

Rnd 3: (P1, k1 tbl) 3 times, p1, sl1, k2tog, psso, (p1, k1 tbl) 3 times.

Rnd 4: (P1, k1 tbl) 3 times, p3tog, (k1 tbl, p1) 2 times, k1 tbl.

Rnd 5: (P1, k1 tbl) 2 times, p1, sl1, k2tog, psso, (p1, k1 tbl) 2 times.

Rnd 6: (P1, k1 tbl) 2 times, p3tog, k1 tbl, p1, k1 tbl.

Rnd 7: P1, k1 tbl, p1, sl1, k2tog, psso, p1, k1 tbl.

Rnd 8: P1, k1 tbl, p3tog, k1 tbl.

Rnd 9: P1, sl1, k2tog, psso.

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Cut yarn, and thread it through all the sts. Weave in all the loose ends.

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