Once upon a time, way back in my childhood we used to cut tube socks into Barbie clothes. Just cut the toes off and two holes for the arms and depending on the sock we had an amazing fantasy dress with rainbows and unicorns or a lovely little black dress.
So why couldn’t I do the exact same construction by knitting?! I tried and succeeded and improved it a bit too! Not just a dress but a multi functional, ever changeable tube with arm holes! Spin it a round and it transforms from a shoulder warming shrug to a nice tee!

You’ll need:
Yarn: 4 100g hanks of Aran weight yarn, 140 meters each.
Yarn suggestion:

King Cole Riot Knitting Yarn Chunky 651 Domino – per 100 gram ball

Needles: 80 cm circular needle which give you the right, or closest gauge, 14 st
and 18 rows = 10 cm /4 inch.
1 Stitch marker.
BO = bind off
CO = cast on
K = knit
K tbl = Knit into the back of a stitch
SM = stitch marker



CO 126.

Join to knit in round, careful not to twist. Place SM.

K tbl for 3 rounds.

K 77 rounds.


Armhole rounds:

K 20, BO 21, K 44, BO 21, K 20.

K 20, CO 21, K 44, CO 21, K 20.


K 120 rounds and bind off loosely.

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